Arteze Lash Lounge is a beauty salon in Pickering, Ontario - designed to change the world one lash at a time. Aspired to push lash extensions to a whole new level by providing the best quality services and the most memorable experience for each and every lady. Through the brief consultation in the beginning of every appointment, we are confident in providing the most ideal lashes one desires.

Benny CEO and Founder of Arteze Lash Lounge

Master Lash Tech / Make Up Artist / Brow Technician / Lash Course Instructor


         Benny is a young entrepreneur, with over 9 years of experience in the cosmetic / beauty / spa industry at only age of 24. Experienced in the fields from Lash extensions and Brow shaping, to make up, botox/fillers, facials and massages. He is well educated and experienced in providing the best services catered to each and every client, as well as providing essential information and education. The techniques Benny has cultivated will actually improve the health of your clients natural lashes, and it can also be used with lash serums such as EyEnvy. Benny has an abundance of knowledge and experience in this field as Benny trained at multiple top Lash Lounges within the coast. Benny strives to push the lash industry to the next peak, Benny takes pride in every lash set he puts on, as well as the success rate of his lash courses.

Alicia C - Lash Technician / Lash Lift Specialist

         Alicia Carpio - Your up and coming lashing star. Grew up with a strong interest in the beauty industry, being a make up artist allowed her to express herself through her visions and creativity. Her passion towards beauty is endless and inspires her to becoming your beauty Guru. Alicia is known to be gentle as well as detail oriented. She aspires to provide the best service as well as the best experience for each and every client. 

Michelle -(Eva) Master Lash Tech / Brow Technician / Make Up Artist

         Michelle has always had an interest in the beauty industry. She has been a fully trained and certified eyelash technician for over 4 years, and has trained with some of the top lash educators in the GTA. Dedicated to provide you with the best quality of service; Michelle strives to build a connection with each and every client since every look is unique. In order to provide a more personalized experience she will first consult with you to better understand your needs, wants and desire of any service being completed. She has an outstanding focus, attention to detail and true passion for what she does which is always reflected in all of her stunning work.

1550 Kingston Road. Pickering, On

Tel: (905) 839-0183


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