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With premium Kit that will allow you to service value up to $8000.
Register now with a $500 Deposit to hold your spot!
*All courses are non-refundable*

Course Module

Arteze Exclusives

Theory and demonstrations on Arteze exclusives skills and techniques to ensure perfect use of tools and tool choices. 

In-depth education and hands-on practice on fundamental skills such as colour theory, colour choices, brow mapping, client's medical histories and do's and do not's.

Live Models

Live models practice to get hands-on practice and physical demonstrations on proper techniques.


Any trouble shooting during clients will be answered through demonstrations. 

Learn about Microblading after care to better secure the result of your future work. 

Social Media Marketing

Learn to market and package yourself as a business through different portals such as Social Media. We provide a copy of all service documentations that is up to code for your reference.


Our course also provide on-going help and guidance. 

Comprehensive Theory

The entire history of Microblading. In-depth introduction to Microblading and all it's tools and equipments.

Fundamental knowledge to understanding the logic behind the procedures.

Health code and necessary knowledge on proper cleanliness and disinfection. Essential knowledge on health and safety


Course Includes

Microblading Certificate


Arteze Premium Microblading Kit 

Marketing materials

Course Price




1550 Kingston Road.

Pickering. Ontario

Annual Potential Earning

Basing on $300 - $500 per New Client


Clients per week

$31000 - $52000


Clients per week

$62500- $104000


Clients per week

$94000 - $156000

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