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Russian Volume Master

With premium Pro Kit that will allow you to service value up to $6500.
Register now with a $500 Deposit to hold your spot!
*All courses are non-refundable*

Course Module

Arteze Exclusives

Arteze Exclusive techniques of hand made fans that contains up to 4 of our premium ultra light faux mink Russian lashes. 

With proper training on techniques and application, students would be able to apply the same technique for Hybrid and Mega Volume (as we call it Hollywood Glam)

Live Models

Live models practice to get hands-on practice and physical demonstrations on proper techniques.


Any trouble shooting during clients will be answered through demonstrations. 

Learn about lash extensions after care to better secure the result of your future work. 

Social Media Marketing

Learn to market and package yourself as a business through different portals such as Social Media. We provide a copy of all service documentations that is up to code for your reference.


Our course also provide on-going help and guidance. 

Comprehensive Theory

This course is designed for students who have already completed classic lash course. 

This course students will learn how to do Hybrid lash sets as well as Russian Volume. 

The different ways to fan, the different types of fans, and the different designs done with different fans.

Course Includes

Master Lash Certificate


Premium Pro Lash Kit 

Marketing materials

Course Price




1550 Kingston Road.

Pickering. Ontario

Annual Potential Earning

Basing on $100 - $200 per New Client


Clients per week

$10400 - $21600


Clients per week

$31200 - $62400


Clients per week

$52000 - $104000

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